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Mission Statement

To provide premium quality products and services to clients developing markets and projects in the United States, Greater China, and Southeast Asia.


HFT International, Inc. (HFT) was founded in 1993 by scientists, researchers, marketing professionals, and investment specialists in Ithaca NY for the purpose of bringing the latest, best quality computer and environmental technology to the developing economies of Asia.  HFT's first project was to evaluate the applicability and market for a computer based laboratory originally intended for teaching physics at American High Schools, to teaching students in Chinese High Schools.  HFT is currently active in several other industrial projects, including the development, marketing, and manufacture of innovative heat exchangers and solar powered electrical generation sets in Asia.

HFT has also developed a growing import/export and wholesale distribution network with a focus in high quality products that are unique to a given market.

Technology Development Partnership

HFT partners with inventors and innovators to develop technology that can be manufactured and sold in a foreign market.  HFT provides marketing, sourcing, and help procuring outside investment as well as finance expertise to promote these projects.

International Trade

HFT is the largest importer of cut orchids, dracaena, and other tropical foliage in the Pacific Northwest.  We import twice weekly from Thailand, Singapore, Indonesia, and Malaysia.  Pottery, antique furniture, porcelains, and artwork are purchased form dealers, collections, and galleries in northern and southern China.

HFT has been exporting Christmas Trees and greens grown in Oregon and Washington to Singapore and Taiwan every year since 1999.  We have also secured financing, helped with the design, and exported high end, premium wood frame housing for an upscale development in Beijing.


HFT brokers all of our import and export shipments in order to keep handling charges to a minimum.  We emphasize customer service, and have a positive view toward developing new product lines.

Wholesale and Retail Operations

We distribute directly to wholesalers across the United States, Canada, Puerto Rico, and the Caribbean.  Locally, our wholesale storefront, Northwest Orchids carries our imported flowers and pottery.  Northwest Orchids is  a member of the Oregon Flower Growers Association (OFGA), and sells on the Portland Flower Market.


For further information about HFT International, contact us at:    sales@hftinternational.com